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Review - Valentina by Evie Blake

Editorial Presença


Oh Valentina, Valentina...
This woman is like a calm night charged with energy, that from one moment to another and without us knowing falls on us. Valentina is like a storm!
Valentina is an independent, determined and successful woman with a tremendous wall surrounding her feelings, mostly due to her continuous disappointments in her relationship with her mother and because of a terrible heartbreak when she was 19.
Living in Milan (a city i really want to visit!), her hometown and center stage to the business area she's in, Valentina is a famous fashion photographer, very well known for certain particularities in her work.
Although her success has been all on her, she will be eternally associated and compared to her mother, a very well known photographer in the industry.
For Valentina, worst than living in her mother’s shadow, is knowing how alike they can be. Her mother persists on telling her that "the apple never falls far from the tree" and that they are both emotionally detached and have no concept of romantic love, family or loyalty to just one man.
And what does Valentina do? She does exactly the opposite of what her mother said she would. She invited Theo (a romance that started with a looked shared on a subway ride) to live with her after only six months of...romance? NO, tremendous erotic adventures in hotels in the north of Italy.

When Theo asks to be more than just two people that live together, when he asks her to be his girlfriend, Valentina's alert mode is ON.
She fears for her independence, fears that her mother's words are true and worst of all, she fears that she might really be in love with Theo and that, eventually, she will succumb.

As a goodbye gift before one of his mysterious trips, Theo offers Valentina an old photo album with singles pieces of film waiting to be exposed.
This gift will alter Valentina's story, taking her to a path of self discover, leading her to a part of the pass that explains so much.
By then, we get to know on the parts of the book that captured my attention; we get to know Louise, a respectful woman by day and by night (or whenever she could escape her husband) a prostitute in Venice.
Both characters start by fighting desire but soon succumb to temptation, pleasure and total surrender to their darkest side.
Either past or present, have terrific erotic moments, with breathtaking scenes and details that will leave you with a naughty smile on your lips.
(An orange with shades of red in our erotic novel rating)

A book that ends and makes us ask "where is the next one?"
Valentina is an erotic book capable of calling out to both men and women, we could even blame that famous expression "women want to be her, men want to have her"

Who would want, at a certain point in their lives, to have or be a Valentina?

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