quinta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2012

Uma instalação ao jeito de Efeito dos Livros

It's all about books!

Meaning Minus Truth Conditions is an installation by Thomas Ehgartner in the sculpture studios of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. ‘To match their excessive demands of the ever-growing amount of new information by the media exploding information flow and the parallel impossibility of such a fragmented communication of such data in a strictly pragmatic-linguistic aspects. 8000 in the area lined up books form a base fragment, a limited archive of a infinite whole in which I move, and from that I select for my personal point of view, eighth ball of shredded books under the covers with the look of a Schwalbennestes make out. Underlining this setting of two computer voices that carried out Wickipedia and Guttenberg Online Book Archive handwriting recognition – or language programs interact.’

Enjoy ;)

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